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International Relations Office


Akhmetzyanova Rimma Ruslanovna
International Relations Office Specialist, VEGU Academy
Phone:+7 (347)241-55-69
e-mail: rimma_a@vegu.ru
Address:Mendeleev St. 215/4, Ufa, 450071, Russia

VEGU Academys international field of work was established in 2012 due to the necessity of Academys integration into European and global educational, scientific, economic and cultural space. In 2014 the International Relations Office was founded as a part of the Department of Continuing and Business Education in order to coordinate Academys international activity. The main fields of work of the International Relations Office are:

  • establishing connections and contractual relations with foreign educational institutions;
  • planning and organization of hosting international delegations;
  • organization of international academic mobility;
  • assisting in arranging and holding conferences, seminars and meetings featuring foreign participants;
  • organization of collecting, analyzing and distributing the information concerning international conferences, contests, programs, foundations and other organizations providing grants for study abroad, internships or research;
  • providing VEGU Academy students, faculty and staff with consultative and methodical assistance concerning arranging, drawing up and submission of applications for the international grants, scholarships and internships of the international foundations, organizations and programs;
  • providing proper media coverage of VEGU Academys international activities.

VEGU Academy is always ready for mutually beneficial cooperation with international partners in the following areas:

  1. Exchange of faculty, researchers and administrative staff;
  2. Exchange of students;
  3. Joint research activities;
  4. Organizing conferences, seminars, symposia and other academic meetings;
  5. Exchange of academic information and materials;
  6. Publication activities of mutual interest;
  7. Development of Double Degree Programs at Bachelors and Masters levels;
  8. Promoting other academic cooperation as mutually agreed.
The international hub at the Academy VEGU was established in November 2012 with the aim to promote internationalization of the education in the following areas:

  • Training, maintenance, support, coordination and registration of international projects carried out at the Academy by its departments, creative teams and individual employees.
  • Development of international collaborations and partnership agreements with foreign universities, institutions, companies and organizations.
  • To ensure the proper documentations subjected to international activities.
  • Analytical and research activities in the field of international cooperation to ensure development of external relations of the Academy.
  • Assist in the preparation, organization of conferences, seminars, meetings with foreign guests.
  • Work with foreign students and postgraduates.
  • Information and help with preparing grant applications to international funds and organizations.
  • Advice to students, graduate students, teachers, workers in the field of international relations.

One of the Academy's development strategies is internationalization.

In this regards the Academy is looking for cooperation with foreign partners to develop the following activities:

  1. Exchange of faculty, researchers and administrative staff
  2. Exchange of students
  3. Conducting collaborative research projects
  4. Conducting lectures and seminars
  5. Organizing conferences and symposia
  6. Exchange of academic information and materials
  7. Double Bachelor diploma
  8. Joint Master's degree programms
  9. Promoting other academic cooperation as mutually agreed