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In winter 1993 mass media of Bashkortostan gave sensational information about foundation of a fundamentally new university – East Institute of Economics, Humanities, Management and Law (VEGU). University administration was at once attacked with a flurry of telephone calls and applications of people who wanted to know more about methods of innovative education implemented in the new university and about requirements for admission to the university.

.. ‘The university was founded in very hard time for higher education institutes,’ as remembers the President of the university Professor Evgeniy Minnibaev. Somebody was just sitting and waiting for manna from heaven that means money from poor state budget. Some people felt like failures who were always complaining about life. Some people threatened with strikes and dismissals. Other people just quitted their pedagogical activity because they didnt see any opportunities for themselves.

At the same time a lot of young people were left out of education because places at universities are still strictly limited. All these factors led to the idea which came true on 29th of January, 1993.

Real boom began on 1st of March; there were long queues at the university. Teaching staff was not very big. Students of the first enrolment remember that they were interviewed by the President and vice-principals. The staff worked seven days a week from morning until late evening. During the first month there were 3000 applications for admission and just 1500 became first students.

  Few people believed in our business, the first voce-principal Sagit Masalimov says. In spring 1993 we had the conference and almost all participants thought that our system was nonviable because it took at least 20 years of governmental support for university formation.

However, main proponents Evgeniy Minnibaev, Nataliya Razuvaeva, Sagit Masalimov were supported by governmental structures, direction of the Bashkir State Teachers Training University, the Law Institute of MIA, professor and teaching staff of Ufa universities. Initially educational process was carried out in the Bashkir State Teachers Training University and in secondary schools. Three faculties were opened: law, economics, teachers training ones. 14 professors and 52 associate professors were brought in to collaboration then the staff increased significantly.

First students began studying and after that the second admission was announced. The interest to the university kept increasing. Students were standing in long queues to pass the entrance tests. There was a pre-entry. During the summer of 1993 year 5000 young people from different parts of our republic tried to enter the university but only 3000 of them became students.

License Academy VEGUDevelopment of the university was very rapid that was unusual for colleagues from state universities. Several institutions were opened during the first year. They are “East University” publishing office, the universitys library, computer labs, branches in Almetjevsk, Belebey, Birsk, Ekaterinburg, Samara, Sterlitamak, Tuimazy. Also The College of Humanities was opened.

Main directions of scientific activity were outlined, sub departments were formed, academic and administrative offices were opened. And at last students took the initiative and formed the VEGU Students Union. In this way basic organizational structure was developed during the first year. The university became well-known.

There were supporters and opponents of our system. And thanks to both, the university is still developing. Today its obvious that the VEGU Academy is bound to succeed. The President of the university, Doctor of Historical Sciences, professor Evgeniy Minnibaev is a talented person with unconventional thinking who could assemble the team capable of winning.

Nowadays VEGU is a whole world where thousands of people who work and study.

Currently the VEGU Academy has a high rating among Russian higher education institutions. The Academy includes 7 institutions, 5 of them situated in Ufa and 2 branches in different regions of Russia.

The training process involves highly qualified teachers, more than 60% of which have a doctorate degree and PhD degree.

The research work of teachers and students is organized in the departments and in the Research Institute of the Academy VEGU.